Monday, October 29, 2012

Painting with thread + painting with paint

Hi it's been a while... again :( I've got to get back on track with blogging but once I missed one week then two weeks and so on it became harder to write this post. Too much to cover and I hate excessively wordy posts! So maybe if I write a list of things that we've been seeing, reading and doing Maricor and I can get back to things in more detail over the next few weeks.

Paint studies for HeyMun
We created a series of custom embroideries for our amazingly talented friend HeyMun and her new EP. HeyMun contacted us earlier this year asking if we'd be interested in working with her on her album artwork with a brief that went along the lines of do whatever inspires you. Naturally we said hell yeah and this is what we created. We were inspired by the folksy, colourful and bright sound of the track By Sea which you can listen to here.

Freelancing mothers
I wasn't sure how much baby stuff to write about on this blog since it is really meant to be about MaricorMaricar and the work that we do but I really want to share these blog posts from A Cup of Jo since they've helped me cope over the last few months of hectic work and family life. Juggling work and Ava has been pretty difficult so far, hence the very long stretches between blog posts this year so I've been almost obsessively reading blogs by other freelancing mothers to figure out how they do it. These ladies have shared their experiences and after reading their stories I feel a little better knowing that it's a juggling act that other people, not just me, struggle with and that there are ways to make it work. The first half of the posts are by mothers who work fulltime in offices, the second half are freelancing mothers who work from home. My good friend forwarded me these posts, thanks CC! -

TOMS shoes launch Sydney & Melbourne
Last week Maricor and I had a short but sweet trip to Mebourne for TOMS shoes. We painted a couple of murals for their Sydney and Melbourne launches as well as some customised shoes. We're really excited about how the murals turned out since we hardly work at that large a scale. We'll post again about the project in more detail with some pics. Thanks again to the team at TOMS for getting us on board. If you don't know about their One for One movement I highly recommend you read about it on their site. If you buy a pair of shoes they give a pair to a child in need and if you buy a pair of sunglasses they help restore sight through clinics, prescription glasses or medication. Earlier this year Maricor travelled with them on one of their many Giving trips. They travelled to Peru and Guatemala visiting schools, clinics and orphanages but more about that trip later!

We also recently talked to The Design Files and our old alma mater, you can read a bit more about our process and background here and here.  And lastly Maricor and I will be talking at the Sydney instalment of Field Trip presented by our lovely agents at Jacky Winter and the folks at Australian Infront. The conference is different to the usual format with the presenters also going through their creative process live on stage. We'll be showing some embroidery on stage, since we only have about 45min we'll have to do a little 'here's one we prepared earlier' cooking type magic. Tickets are on sale here