Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Yen interview

This month's Yen has just come out and has an interview that co and I did with Yen's editor Annie Sebel. We met her at Black Star pastries for some yummy sweets and coffee and had a chat about just winning the British Council's Realise Your Dream Award, how we work together, the occasional screaming matches that come with being sisters and how our high school art teacher introduced us to Neil Gaiman's Sandman comics and led us on our path to becoming designers.

We're still very shy so we had a quick 90s dance off before hand to calm our nerves. But we needn't have worried, Annie was super nice and friendly!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sole Cola

Our latest collaboration with the guys at GEA Interactive is live. MaricorMaricar designed the digital home for Sole Cola, the vivid artwork of the multi talented Roderick Smith.
"Sole Cola is an exploration of found objects, vintage papers and mixed media - a fascination with combinations of colour, form, texture, patterns of positive and negative shapes, areas of counterpoint, visual minutiae and textual stories subconsciously expressed". Roderick is a regular renaissance man, an artist and musician, he is one part of the band Firekites.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

ABD Risographs & Sewn Pieces

The risographs we printed for ABD6 show are now available for sale on our site. Here are photos of the prints and the details for each are below. Also the remaining sewn pieces from the show are available to purchase from our site.

Los Muchachos Bestial - "Leche Derramada"
202mm x 275 mm
Risograph on light weight matte paper
Open Edition, signed
Will be mailed flat, padded.
$27 unframed (inc postage within Australia)
International buyers please email us.

Los Muchachos Bestial - "Enredado"
202mm x 275 mm
Risograph on light weight matte paper
Open Edition, signed
Will be mailed flat, padded.
$27 unframed (inc postage within Australia)
International buyers please email us.

"Diamonds On The Soles Of Their Feet
297mm x 420 mm
Risograph on light weight matte paper
Open Edition, signed
Will be mailed rolled.
$42 unframed (inc postage within Australia)
International buyers please email us.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Pinching Ourselves

The last couple of months have been pretty awesome for ca and me when we thought it couldn't get even huger, BAM, something comes up which makes us pinch ourselves and wonder if its all for real. The nominees we're announced for Plus Camerimage 2010 and in the music category sitting amongst the big names Lady Gaga, Gorillaz, Fever Ray, Florence And The Machine, Eminem and UNKLE et al is our clip for Murder By Death.

Plus Camerimage is an international festival dedicated to cinematography and our animated clip for Murder By Death's "White Noise" has been nominated in the music video category and to say we're chuffed is a huge understatement! We're excited just to be amongst great directors and to have our work seen by the jury.

Other things that have happened this week include; meeting one of our creative heroes, Deanne Cheuk, missing out on a SOYA award but huge congratulations to the winners and all the finalists, taking part in the I Can Draw You A Picture: Re-Building lab at LiveWorks, getting an ass-whooping in Scrabble, taking down our group exhibition ABD6 and parting with some favourites and enjoying a day in the sun at the Newtown Festival.

Capture the Fade Photography Exhibition opens at the Paper Mill Gallery this Wednesday and guest judge Bill Henson will announce the overall winner of the competition. Congratulations to our friend Gene whose work will be exhibited and good luck for the anouncement!!

One last thing for this Monday's post, ca and I have started work on our next series of type and thread pieces, below is a sneak peek. Oh and since ABD6 has finished up, the unsold pieces will be put up for sale soon on our site, we'll keep you posted.


Monday, November 08, 2010

Upon A Fold

Ca and I were so excited to see one of our pieces on the awesome site Upon A Fold's blog. If you don't already know about it, its one of the best blogs on the internet all about paper, "a little peek into the world of paper artistry". Forgot to say their shop is full of paper goodness too!

"Don't wake me I plan on sleeping in"

I had an early day today, I woke up at 3am to watch Formula 1 with Michael. I used to watch it as kid and remember it being really looong and only watching the beginning and end but now I've started to really get into it again since Michael follows it pretty religiously. It's funny it doesn't seem to take forever like I remember.

This week co and I have started our new series of musically inspired embroidered type. We're having fun with watercolours designing the type and figuring out colour schemes before getting into the embroidery. Co finally cracked open the watercolour set she bought at Tokyu Hands when we visited Japan last november. Meanwhile I'm still using pencils and have a feeling i'll be switching over soon, i'm jealous of the colours she's getting. These are the threads I picked out for my next canvas, a lot of aqua greens and purples.

Also i'm very excited that my mini orchid is finally sprouting some new life. I got it last November and I was worried it was slowly dying because nothing was happening. But now it looks like there are 2 new shoots coming out of the old flower stem.

Monday, November 01, 2010


Spent part of last week making repairs on the siamese twins we made for our 'Triangle Circle Square' animation. I'm not sure if i'm just excessively messy but I always manage to attract dust and fibre particles and have a horrible time keeping the white clay clean. Because we sort of rushed that animation some of the details we're a bit dodge, since I had some time on my hands I remade the arms and one of the legs. All that's left to do is patch the limbs onto the body and make a new collar since the other one got banged up a bit.

It was fun making the twins, they're actually based on an old illustration series co and I did based on sideshow freak zodiacs. We hope to make some more miniatures inspired by the awesome Ultraman toy monsters we got in Japan but we're still in thread and paper mode so it might be a while 'til we get around to them.

Paper + Type + Ramen

I've had "Keep On Moving, Tokyo Japan Nov '09" pinned to my inspiration board ever since our trip to Japan last year but hadn't got round to doing anything with it till now. I started out sketching some type treatments for another sewn piece based on this line, but along the way its switched from being sewn into something made out of paper.
The words are just a reminder for me to keep creating and making things. Tokyo is such a vibrant place, there's a constant flow of movement and there's so much stuff to soak in. I came back really inspired and this poster is just a quiet reminder to keep creating.