Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Desktop Magazine "Neue Folk"

The November issue of Desktop magazine is out now and includes a feature on us as well as a special embossed front cover of one of our embroideries commissioned for the issue. The issue is called Neue Folk and looks at traditional skills and techniques used by designers today. We're very honoured to be included in the issue and share pages with some of our favourite artisan designers such as Will Edmonds and Hannah Waldron.

The cover went through a couple of versions and we must thank Bonnie Abbott for her input who pushed us to experiment more with the analogue glitch effect you see on the front cover. We played around with a similar illustration style for our recent Maps exhibition collateral but with this graphic we really wanted to create a glitch effect with the overlapping patterns and intersecting threads. We've colour mixed in our fabric based embroideries in the past but it was a real challenge achieving a similar effect on paper. Maricor worked on a few tests and luckily came up with a solution that we were both excited with. The bottom three images are detail shots of the physical embroideries showing some of the overlapping stitches we used to create the colour mixing.

The magazine also features an embroidered masthead and shows the front and back of the designs. The issue is available now at newstands/bookstores. Thank you also to Heath Killen, Desktop Magazine's outgoing editor who originally commissioned us.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Art by Design 9

Art by Design is happening again at the Wedge Gallery at Books Kinokuniya here in Sydney. We have a few bits and bobs on display and for sale including this new embroidered monogram which we stitched during our Studio Pop Ups stint at the Powerhouse earlier this year. The exhibition runs now until November 25 and features some very lovely work including paper cuts by Cecilia Mok, cute knitted characters by Jake Henzler and beautiful silk scarves by Happy End Designs.