Friday, July 11, 2014

Embroidery process

Some photos as we were embroidering the Paulette, Vogue and Eye on the Coconut pieces including the watercolour sketch we started off with. With the Paulette job we had to sew at a quite a small scale, about half a cm high for the small type

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

New work

Just finished up an animation project that has kept us busy for the last month and a bit which meant less updates and instagramming. Probably a good thing! Hoping to share some behind the scenes and process behind the animations and prop building but it will take a while to gather those images so in the meantime I thought I better do a quick update on our website with some of the embroidery work we've done lately.

We were asked to create some custom lettering for Vogue Japan which was pretty bloody exciting. Huge thanks to our agents at Building Tokyo and Handsome Frank for the project. And in other magazine related work we embroidered lettering for the cover of French magazine Paulette and their Romantique issue. The mood board we were given was lace, white and Virgin Suicides. It was tricky knowing the type would appear against a very light airy image and the first time we've had to composite our embroidery onto a photographic image but it turned out well I think.