Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Realise Your Dream

It's been pretty crazy for Ca and I lately which is why we're a day late with this week's post. First off we got the news that one of our illustrations has been included in the year's Curvy book. Which is being guest curated by Fafi and Colette Paris founder Sarah Lerfel and art directed by Deanne Cheuk. We're pretty chuffed!
In another bit of awesome news we received the British Council's Realise Your Dream award last week. So Ca and I are going to be making our way to the UK next year!! Exciting stuff!

Also it looks like we're going to be non-stop for the next month or so as we've also confirmed we're going to be taking part in the annual Art By Design group show at the Kinokuniya galleries. At the moment we're planning on creating more embroidered pieces as well as exhibiting some of our recent black and white illustrations.

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