Saturday, October 16, 2010

Turns Of Speech & Figures Of Phrase

Here are the sewn pieces we created for ABD6...a few we've already posted about but there are a couple of new faces. "Get All Up In My Goat" was a drawn illustration I posted about earlier but we decided to extend "Turns Of Speech & Figures Of Phrase" into an embroidered series. Besides Hungry Colours and "Gotta Keep Cheering" we also have "Tongue Tied Hopeless", "Epic Battle"and  Sweater Letters "A", "O" and "J". These are for sale during the exhibition.
There's a great bunch of artists and designers exhibiting as part of the show. We got a sneak peak at some of the pieces when we dropped off our stuff this morning, beaded geo pendants, knitted fast food sculptures, embroidered tote bags, and risographs! I think the site is still under construction, Naomi has been run off her feet organising the show (huge thanks!! You're awesome Naomi, I can't believe this is the 6th year for ABD) but as soon as we get more info on the site we'll post it up here so you can check out the other peeps.


Busy Bird said...

hi guys,

these are absolutely stunning!and must have taken ages. Beautiful work.


MaricorMaricar said...

Thanks for your lovely words!

shapewear said...

These look absolutely wonderful. it must have took quite some time to make. So lovely combination of colors.

Peter Fong said...

Haha I love the boxing one!