Monday, January 24, 2011

Hello 2011

At lot has happened already, I can tell 2011 is going to fly right by.

So far:
- Moved out of our yellow house in Newtown and bid a sad farewell to Faheems, Black Star Pastry, Delicious Rolls, Pastizzi Cafe, Art on King, Gelatomassi, Pho 236...

- Got burnt and a suffered a little heatstroke in an attempt to shed a few boxes of stuff before we store our belongings away for our UK trip. A garage sale in 30 degree heat is not a good idea, market umbrellas are essential, pack only one ute to the brim with loot for the market instead of 2, if it's a sunny day it's a good idea to keep your jewellery in the shade ...these are just some of the lessons we learnt from our garage sale and market days.

- We confirmed dates for our solo show which will be held at Mart Gallery in Sydney 3 - 19 March. We're just finalising some details now and will post up more info soon. Which means we've been busy sewing like crazy, more pics to come...

- And ABD7 is happening early this year. Once again we're taking part in the group show at Wedge Gallery Books Kinokuniya, it opens 2nd of February and runs until the 27th.

- Oh and by the way we've just opened up a Big Cartel shop to sell our prints and sewn pieces, welcome to "co & ca's cornershop"

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handmade romance said...

busy! busy! major ouch to the sunburn!!! looking forward to seeing what you get up to this year : )