Tuesday, July 26, 2011

"Denim" group show at Mr Kitly

Quick post about a group show Maricor and I will be in called Denim. It opens at Mr Kitly in Melbourne on the 5th of August. We had a few aches and pains with this one and started again a few times. Denim was a surprisingly hard fabric to work with, we originally wanted to source a faded and used item of denim clothing but were afraid we wouldn't be able find one that would yield a large enough piece of fabric so we opted for a new piece from the Cloth House. The denim was not as kind on the cotton floss we usually use (it damaged the fibres whenever the thread was pulled through the fabric) so we devised a way to harvest threads from the denim to work back into it.

We wish we were in Melbourne for the show, the piece by Renilde on the flyer is amazing. More info on the show can be found at this blog http://ruggedcottontwill.blogspot.com/.
Thank you Dell for asking us to take part!

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