Sunday, May 05, 2013

Prick show

Last weekend with much excitement we headed to a cactus and succulent show. A good friend has gifted us most of our cacti and succulents and got us hooked on them and we were keen to add to our collection. This was our first time going to the show though so we weren't prepared for the awesome amount of weird, spiky, hairy, bulbous specimens on display. I forgot to take the camera so these are just iPhone pics but look at those textures! We also walked around Eden Gardens which hosted the show. It's huuuge and a little overwhelming so I didn't get to look at it all properly but I spotted some lovely patterned leaves.


Puifon said...

what type of stitches do you guys use for your embroidered illustrations/type

MaricorMaricar said...

Hi Puifon we use a variety of stitches, but I guess they roughly fall under crewel work techniques!