Sunday, May 11, 2014


Sorry a bit of a belated Easter post. Easter has come and gone but we still have chocolate eggs in the fridge so it's not too late I reckon.

This year Ava was old enough for her first egg hunt and we wanted to do something special so we decorated some eggs that we'll be able to keep for future egg hunts. Through instagram I discovered some wonderful blank wooden eggs that are also hollow which will be perfect for hiding extra treasures when Ava's a little older. Last time I attempted painting decorations (the Christmas wreath) I got a bit caught up figuring out patterns and designs so this time around I tried to be loose. Also couldn't leave out some animal heads for Ava who loves copying their different noises. I couldn't have all the fun so we also some together. Getting the paints off her after that was really hard!

Speaking of round things, Ava's been in wonderland with house full of giant sized balls and boxes for a project Maricor has been working on with friends of ours. They're for a series of concerts later this year for Justine Clarke's 'I Am A ... Band' Tour. Which Maricor has also done the poster artwork for.  If you follow our instagram you'll see some more of the process pics maybe a few of us going a bit kookoo after some long nights.  PS it looks freakishly convincing but that isn't Ava under that ball just some of her clothes with stuffing.

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