Monday, November 01, 2010


Spent part of last week making repairs on the siamese twins we made for our 'Triangle Circle Square' animation. I'm not sure if i'm just excessively messy but I always manage to attract dust and fibre particles and have a horrible time keeping the white clay clean. Because we sort of rushed that animation some of the details we're a bit dodge, since I had some time on my hands I remade the arms and one of the legs. All that's left to do is patch the limbs onto the body and make a new collar since the other one got banged up a bit.

It was fun making the twins, they're actually based on an old illustration series co and I did based on sideshow freak zodiacs. We hope to make some more miniatures inspired by the awesome Ultraman toy monsters we got in Japan but we're still in thread and paper mode so it might be a while 'til we get around to them.

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