Tuesday, February 08, 2011

MaricorMaricar at Mart Gallery March 3-19

Maricor and I are very proud and excited to be having our first ever solo show next month at Mart Gallery.

'Turns of Speech & Figures of Phrase'is inspired by song lyrics misheard and mixed up. We've swapped pen and paper for needle and thread to create a mixtape compilation of hand-crafted type, based on lyrics borrowed from bands featuring Blondie, Paul Simon and Pavement.

The show opens on the 3rd March 5.30PM, hope to see you there!


handmade romance said...

oh i wish i was closer so i could check this out. im a loving all of your work. you guys are so clever and patient! : )
i actually thought of you today when i came across a link on the blog 'fine little day'. the link was to a site called 'public collectors' and in the publications section is a free download of the book called 'a handbook of lettering for stitchers' by elsie swennas - the cover is beautiful as are the inside pages too. if you are interested here is the link, http://www.publiccollectors.org/CompletePublications.htm - just scroll down the page a little i think the book is the 3rd or 4th one down. congratulations on your first solo show too!

MaricorMaricar said...

Thank you :) it's really nice knowing that people enjoy what you do.

Oh my! I saw that book cover on a blog one day and had it on my list of things to hunt down. Thank you so much for sharing. I'm sure some new sweater letters will be inspired from it.

I'm hoping to have a short trip to Melbourne soon, hopefully in time to see some of your Circus folk up close. They look amazing!


jmanu said...

Waht a beautiful poster :O
Love design, color and the technique