Monday, February 07, 2011

What we did this Summer

We've just had a week long heatwave in Sydney. At first I was rejoicing after complaining about the lack of beach worthy days over the Christmas /New Year's break but after the first 4 days of 30+ heat in an unair-conditioned apartment that absorbed heat and refused to let any breeze it got a bit much.

Luckily since we work from home and are flexible with our hours we were able to escape to the beach every few days to cool down. Balmoral beach has become our favourite spot. It's calm and stays pretty shallow for a good stretch so I can learn how to swim without getting dunked every few minutes and best of all it's usually not that busy.

I tested out my Christmas present from Michael at the beach - an old Polaroid sx70 One Step Sonar with some colour film from the Impossible Project. It's been tricky figuring out the best lighting. So far all our shots have had a very pink/purple cast. We created a protector for the film so it's shaded from sunlight as soon as it exits the camera but still no luck. Has anyone got any tips for using the Px70 Colour Shade push film? I'd really like to get the colours looking more even and some darker blues.

Over the Christmas Michael and I stayed for a week in the Blue Mountains and took care of Sheba, Charlie, Olive and Dennis. I've never had a pet so looking after two dogs and two cats was pretty exciting. It was nice having a full house and despite a few minor accidents I think they were pretty happy. Charlie and Sheba are a pretty odd couple, Sheba is so big and yet you get the feeling that it's Charlie calling the shots. He's pretty adorable especially with his mane of fluffy hair on just the top half of his body, he looks like he's rocking a Mad Max style outfit. (no photos of Olive and Dennis but M's cat Freya dropped in for a few days)

My gift to M was some lens attachments for his iphone camera. I'm amazed at the amount of detail the macro gives and the wide ispretty impressive too. Here are some test shots using the macro and wide on the same cactus plant to compare. The lenses are available from Photojojo.

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1000 Cats said...

These photos are gorgeous! What cute pets :)