Thursday, March 17, 2011

Non-stop stop motion

We're very excited about the latest project we've been busy working on which will go live very soon, in the meantime here's a sneak peak. A paper based stop motion two weeks. No tag teaming on this one, all hands on deck!


handmade romance said...

cant wait to see this live in action!

MaricorMaricar said...

The video is live! The animation was for British Council and LRQA's Big Green Idea iniative, here's the website with the animation and all the information you need to apply:

Tali said...

love your work girls!
aww, how do you rig the paper, so it doesn't fall over mid shot? sheesh!
I'm sure it's probably really easy if you know how. or a super magic trick ;)

MaricorMaricar said...

thanks Tali!

Hehe the props did fall over mid shot quite a few times actually! We're still getting a handle on the best technique for rigging we used heaps of blue tack and skewers. Not the most stable so we'll be testing out different materials next time.

Love the different styles of animation you do!

a sparkly pony said...

ahhhhhhhh AMAZING!!!!!!

Tali said...

wow, blue tack and skewers!! gold! :)